Get the benefits of hydropower

By installing a suitable turbine on existing structures (old mills, dams, former industrial sites) or on infrastructure dedicated to other uses (drinking water or wastewater turbines, irrigation channels, utility networks, etc.), you’ll be helping to restore or maintain current hydraulic assets and generate jobs in local communities. You’ll also develop new structures if you detect hydroelectric potential on your land. This will make you a pioneer in decentralized energy models: Hydropower fulfills society’s new expectations.

CVE’s solutions

Cap Vert Energie’s assistance can come in different forms depending on your situation:

  • If you own an existing hydroelectric plant, a mill, or a diversion dam… and you’re looking to sell your asset or are being forced to perform renovations on your facility (particularly for environmental preservation). Cap Vert Energie can step in as an acquirer and offer you any type of solution, from buyouts to partnerships.
  • Either you’ve identified potential on your own land, or a site fit for a hydroelectric power project. Cap Vert Energie can work with you to develop the project or purchase it from you.

CVE’s expertise

In any case, Cap Vert Energie is your sole point of contact, which takes over all of the approaches and formalities related to the project of building or purchasing your hydroelectric plant. With a dedicated team that brings together technical, legal, and financial skills, the hydropower business is able to offer crosscutting expertise that makes it possible to securely complete your plant sale or development projects

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