Cap Vert Energie: An R&D program for conducting industrial-scale experiments

Cap Vert Energie’s strategic vision is to produce decentralized renewable energy in a direct sales model. In 2016, the Group signed an four-year collaboration agreement with the French Atomic and Alternative Energy Commission (CEA), in order to carry out R&D projects that relate in particular to the incorporation of photovoltaic plants into power grids and to self-supply in the industrial and service sectors.

For CVE, R&D and innovation must serve competitiveness and make it possible to build the energy models of tomorrow. The Group has particularly developed a program aimed at optimizing photovoltaic energy penetration in a private network (microgrid), whether connected to the grid or isolated, through innovative algorithms for controlling the production and storage facilities. CVE also develops smart tools for controlling electrical systems, to enable them to contribute to the grid’s stability while participating in system services (primary reserve). As a multi-energy IPP, Cap Vert Energie is developing new areas of R&D to exist alongside its initial programs. Among them are agrivoltaics and sustainable mobility.

With an in-house team that works on these innovation challenges, Cap Vert Energie is conducting its R&D programs in partnership with public institutions (research centers, laboratories, universities) and business clusters.

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