A culture to be shared

Our DNA is:

• our long-term industrial project in service of the environment
the agility of a structure that knows how to adapt and decide quickly
• the advanced expertise of our teams, drawn from a desire to have skills in-house
the demand and pragmatism of continual improvement

All supported by an ever-present human element, which encourages the spirit of initiative, relies on the commitment of all, goodwill, transparency and friendliness.

CVE offers the strength of a large group (vision, processes, expertise, work resources) and the agility of a small business (adaptability, short decision-making procedures, deployment capabilities, solidarity).

Sharing the fruits of our growth is central to CVE’s corporate culture. It is deployed three a threefold mechanism that combines both an investment plan, free shares in the company, and capital increases reserved for employees under a Group Savings Plan.

Flourishing at work

Because we believe that a company’s success goes hand-in-hand with helping its teams thrive, CVE considers the work environment and team satisfaction to be important.

Bâtiment photovoltaïque - Cantal - Cap Vert Energie

Our new offices were designed by our teams themselves with numerous open or enclosed spaces – project rooms, coworking spaces, bubbles, conference rooms, as well as a gym, lounge, and rest area. We wanted these work and living spaces to help make each of us feel comfortable at CVE. Furthermore, with the desire to respect the work-life balance, CVE has deployed a telecommuting charter in a spirit of trust and responsibility.

It is important for CVE to regularly evaluate our teams’ level of satisfaction based on criteria like office ergonomics, satisfaction with work, etc. Surveys are conducted each quarter and appropriate actions can quickly be taken.

Variety of career paths

The Group carries out a training policy aimed at developing its employees’ skills consistent with its strategy. CVE also offers diversified career paths due to the wealth of its business lines and the presence of subsidiaries abroad. Geographical and/or functional mobility is therefore possible between the various subsidiaries and the Group.


“I joined Cap Vert Energie in May 2016 as an international research engineer. In this position, I helped grow our solar business around the world, particularly in Ghana and Chile. Today, our U.S. subsidiary, CVE North America, is accelerating its development with several projects underway. The team is expanding, with the hiring of a construction manager. As is the case whenever a hiring search is launched, the announcement is distributed internally to allow employees to apply if they want to. The idea of being able to advance within this job with travel to New York was appealing to me. It matched my desire for career development and to live abroad. This opportunity shows how much the directors trust their employees: CVE is a company where everyone is given a chance.”

Arthur Allio, International Research Engineer

After four years in central management control I joined the teams at CVE Energy Finance to see to “non-core business” investments and equity stakes. In this high-growth environment for the Group, numerous jobs are created each year, which generates even more opportunities for in-house career development. I was able to put my knowledge of CVE to use to move into a new business line.”

Stéphane Chiche – Head of Non-Core Investments.

When I arrived at Cap Vert Energie in July 2011, it was for a position as an Administrative and Sales Assistant. I quickly developed my Quality skills to help earn ISO 9001 certification. Since then, with the growth of the company, my position has changed a lot: I became Quality Manager, then, when we launched the environmental approach to earn ISO 140001 certification, I had to acquire additional knowledge in order to handle this new challenge. Now, as the Group’s Head of QSE, I also work to integrate foreign subsidiaries into the Quality and Environment approach.

Emiko Yamaguchi – Head of QSE

Proof of talent

of hires are on open-ended contracts
workforce growth in 2018
the mean age
forms of expertise are represented within CVE
of employees are satisfied or very satisfied, with an average satisfaction over 75/100

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