Cap Vert Energie is a player in France’s energy transition

Solar power

Cap Vert Energie is pursuing its ambition to be a leading player in decentralized solar in France by building and operating value-added PV installations. The company now has recognized expertise in all types of facilities (rooftops, canopies, greenhouses, ground-based plants). The Group has 210 plants in service and under constructions, with a power of 89 MWp. Cap Vert Energie is developing, financing, and constructing a fleet of solar plants with the goal of operating them on its own over time. The Group has a secure portfolio of 330 MWp.

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Cap Vert Energie is committed to constructing a specialized biomethane sector in France based on organic recycling, with the goal of achieving 18MWe of installed power running on 600,000 tonnes of recycled waste by 2022. The Group develops, builds, and operates a fleet of biomethane units that make it possible to reuse organic materials for local green power to meet the energy and ecological needs of businesses and communities. Since May 2014, Cap Vert Energie has owned and operated a modest-sized pilot biomethane unit located in Nouzilly. It has enabled the Group to gain invaluable experience in designing, building, and operating a local biomethane unit.

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Cap Vert Energie is currently expanding its energy mix into microhydro. Decentralized by nature, hydropower falls squarely within the CVE Group’s vision of producing renewable energy close to where it is consumed in a direct-sales model. Carbon-free, decentralized hydropower meets the new societal expectations of users, who are increasingly interested in consuming zero-emissions power that is locally produced.

The Group’s strategy in hydropower depends on first acquiring operating plants, then developing and building new hydroelectric plants that are managed in-house. For its new hydropower business, the Group aims to operate over 20 MW of power generation by 2023.

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