CVE is a player in France’s energy transition

Solar power

CVE’s ambition is to become a key player in decentralized solar power in France, by building and operating photovoltaic installations with added value for the user. Today, the company has recognized expertise in all types of installations (rooftops, shading systems, greenhouses, ground-mounted plants).

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CVE is a committed player in the structuring of the biomethane sector and a specialist in organic waste recovery in France. The Group has set itself the target of achieving an annual biomethane production of 0.6 TWh by 2025, from the recovery of 600,000 tonnes of organic waste per year. CVE currently has some 30 anaerobic digestion plants under development, 2 plants under construction and 6 plants in operation. The Group develops, builds and operates a fleet of anaerobic digestion plants for the treatment and conversion of organic matter into local green energy, in response to the energy and environmental needs of businesses and local authorities.

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CVE has decided to discontinue its hydropower business and sell its subsidiary CVE Hydro.

This decision was taken in view of the significant gap between CVE’s development prospects for hydroelectricity and the Group’s other energies, which are targeting an estimated 2.7 GW of power by 2027. This discrepancy in volumes means that the expected synergies between the hydroelectricity business and the photovoltaic business cannot be realized in CVE’s electricity mix, as initially envisaged when the business was launched.

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