A multi-energy, multinational IPP

CVE is an independent producer of renewable energy across multiple countries and sources of power. We are active in the PV solar, biogas, and hydroelectric markets. We have operations in Chile and the United States and have been developing our presence in Africa from our head office in France.

Producing decentralized power in a direct sales model

We defend a vision of the market based on decentralized power production and on a direct energy sales model. The Group’s goal is to meet the energy and environmental needs of businesses and communities by taking a service-provider approach. In order to furnish local support, we have three regional offices in France, based in Lyon, Toulouse, Rennes, Fontainebleau and Dijon. We offer a “community plan” to address the energy transition needs of different places and enable them to participate in the development of renewable energy projects. The Group develops, finances, and builds solar and hydro power plants and biomethane units to operate them on its own for their entire lifespan. Our fleet, in service and under construction, contains 345 MWp. It supplies green power to the equivalent of a city of 246,000 people.

Key Figures

at CVE
Invested in our assets
Fleet in service & under construction
In our portfolio
in sales in 2021
Production in one year

Our goal is to deploy 1.4 GW by 2023 with over 50% of our business abroad.

721 MW
1338 MW
2293 MW

  • Photovoltaic: 317 MWc
  • Biogas: 9 MWe
  • Hydropower: 2 MWc
  • International: 393 MWc

  • Photovoltaic: 502 MWc
  • Biogas: 22 MWe
  • Hydropower: 4 MWc
  • International: 810 MWc

  • Photovoltaic: 865 MWc
  • Biogas: 41 MWe
  • Hydropower: 16 MWc
  • International: 1372 MWc

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