The CVE Group is present in France, Chile, the United States and Africa. We are active in the PV solar, biogas, and hydroelectric markets.

In France, the Group has 208 solar sites in operation and under construction. For biogas, one unit is operational in Nouzilly and three more are in development. Cap Vert Energie began its hydropower activity in France in 2018.

The Group has grown a great deal in countries that allow direct sales of renewable power. In Chile, CVE Chile, the subsidiary of Cap Vert Energie, has in two years become a leading player in the PMGD segment (a Spanish-language acronym that refers to generators under 9 MW connected to the power grid) with an installed power of 23 MWp.

CVE is also located in the Northeastern United States in the solar photovoltaic market. Last of all, the Group is developing a direct energy sales plan in Africa from its head office in France.

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