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Full management of the development cycle

CVE manages the entire project development cycle, from identifying land to construction. We have the ability to assess any project from a bird’s-eye view in order to maximize our return on investment and the usability of the future plants over time.

Development: 6 major steps

  • Advisability study
  • Securing the land (long-term leases, construction leases, buying the land)
  • Feasibility study and detailed project engineering
  • Obtaining administrative and environmental permits (impact studies, urban planning, environmental certifications, etc.)
  • Obtaining agreements and arrangements to connect to power grids (ERDF, RTE, ELD, GRDF, GRD)
  • Securing energy sales (electricity, heat, and gas), including responding to CRE tenders


Custom financing model

CVE adapts its financing to each of the three phases of its energy production projects: Development, construction, operation.

Project financing, which is critical in a capital-hungry business, relies both on raising capital and bank loans.

Construction phase financing for energy production units are raised by the group’s parent company or by project companies via short-term financing.

Two financial tools can be used to finance the end-of-construction and operation phases

  • A long-term bank loan to represents 70% to 80% of all financing. Internationally, CVE interacts with local and European banks.
  • • Mezzanine financing that accounts for 20% to 30% of the investment. The Group has long worked with private investors. Since late 2016, CVE has been moving more and more towards institutional investors. This was made necessary by the rise in investment volumes and international deployment since 2016.
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A-to-Z project management

Through its proficiency in all steps of the construction process and its careful selection of subcontractors, CVE ensures that its facilities achieve technical and financial performance for as long as they last.

Key principles of construction

Durability and reliability: The greatest of care is taken when choosing suppliers and installers, particularly with respect to the solvency of their insurance and guarantees, in order to ensure that the plants achieve technical and financial reliability for as long as they last.

Safety: The safety of people and property is a constant concern, both during the construction phase and while the facilities are in operation.

Quality: The facilities are constructed by leading businesses that can boast solid references and a training policy suitable for the challenges of these new construction trades. Furthermore, all projects are subjected to a technical control related to the structure and electrical wiring.

Insurance: Particular attention is paid to taking out appropriate insurance (Comprehensive Construction, Civil Liability, Project Owner, Loss of Expected Income)

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Management of operation and maintenance

When operating and maintaining our plants, our goals are to:

  • Ensure the safety of people and property
  • Maximize the availability rate of our production sites (with a 99% target)
  • Ensure continuity of service
  • Optimize the cost/benefit ratio

CVE’s responsibilities

  • Facilities management: Tracking production, billing EDF and managing relations with EDF and ERDF, tracking supplier guarantees, etc.
  • Arranging service visits: In order to ensure maximum plant uptime: Planning annual preventive maintenance visits, arranging curative maintenance and monitoring the resolution of non-compliances.
  • Production optimization: Analyzing production one inverter at a time, technological monitoring, identifying solutions for improving returns.
  • CVE also provides administrative and accounting management for the production companies.

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