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Are you looking to help reduce CO₂ emissions in your area or decarbonize your industrial activities?

CVE is developing a decentralized renewable hydrogen production solution through water electrolysis, a process that involves passing an electric current from a renewable energy source (solar or wind power, hydroelectricity) through water to break down its molecules (H₂O) to extract hydrogen.

The units developed by CVE are human-sized – with a capacity of between 2MW and 10MW – and scalable to meet the developing uses and needs of municipalities and industry, particularly in heavy mobility and industrial processes. Most of these facilities will be located outside or on the edge of the 7 major industrial basins identified by France Hydrogène.

Benefit from the advantages of renewable hydrogen today

By choosing our renewable hydrogen offer, you’re helping to combat climate change, while enjoying the benefits of clean, local energy. Our green hydrogen offer is aimed at industrialists, businesses and local authorities who want to benefit from competitive, long-term renewable energy.

Part of the photovoltaic electricity produced by the CVE park can be used to power the electrolyzers needed for hydrogen production, via PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) contracts – which enable us to guarantee a fixed, competitive price over the long term, offering financial stability to our customers – or directly via a physical coupling for self-consumption.

CVE’s expertise

To support our customers in their decision to convert their industrial and mobility uses, CVE develops and provides tools to evaluate different multi-energy decarbonization scenarios according to technical, economic and environmental criteria.


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