CVE CHILE A leading player in the Small Distributed Means of Generation (PMDG) segment

In less than two years, CVE Chile has become a leading player in the PMGD plant segment. These are Small Distributed Means of Generation, which refers to plants below 9 MW. CVE Chile is targeting the Santiago region, where most of the country’s energy demand comes from.

Today, CVE Chile operates four ground-based plants with solar trackers: La Quinta (3.6 mWp), San Francisco (3.6 mWp), Valle de la Luna 2 (3.3 mWp) and Ocoa (3.8mWp), all four of which are about thirty kilometers north of Santiago, Chile. They were developed, built and financed through a partnership with Banco Security. Three other plants are in the construction phase: Pirque (3.0 mWp), Casuto (3.0 mWp) and Pilpilen (3.0 mWp), all less than 150 km from Santiago. In late 2017, CVE Chile signed a USm bank financing agreement to build a 33 MW portfolio (11 projects, including 4 in operation), which are to enter service during the year 2018.

Centrale au sol solaire CVE Chile

Development of CVE Chile

Chile is one of the best-suited countries for CVE’s development strategy, with a substantial solar resource, a common direct sales model, and a market free from subsidies.

In 2017, unconventional renewable energy already accounted for 20% of the country’s installed power, nearly half of which is photovoltaic solar, developed in the space of just five years.

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