CVE CHILE A leading player in the Small Distributed Means of Generation (PMDG) segment

In less than 5 years, CVE Chile has become a leading player in the PMGD plant segment. These are Small Distributed Means of Generation, which refers to plants below 9 MW. CVE Chile is targeting the Santiago region, where most of the country’s energy demand comes from. The subsidiary’s headquarters is furthermore located in Santiago, from where the development, construction and operation of the photovoltaic plants are coordinated.

As of the end of November 2021, the CVE Chile team has commissioned a portfolio of 22 ground-mounted photovoltaic plants. 4 additional facilities – currently being connected to the central interconnected system – will go into operation soon.

This solar park allows the supply of 107 MW of electricity to the Chilean grid.

Ground-mounted solar power plant CVE Chile

Development of CVE Chile

Chile is one of the best-suited countries for CVE’s development strategy with :

  • a substantial solar resource
  • a common direct sales model
  • a market free from subsidies

CVE Chile began its activity in Chile in 2017 with the construction of its first three ground-mounted power plants with solar trackers : Quinta Solar, San Francisco and Valle de la Luna. Since the subsidiary’s creation, the photovoltaic park has continued to grow, as has its team, which now consists of 37 people, committed to the development of this clean and environmentally friendly technology.

In 2021, non-conventional renewable energies (NCRE) constitute 29.46% of the country’s energy matrix, and among them, photovoltaic energy has reached, in October 2021, a share of 52.97% of the total production.

Thus, CVE Chile is currently making a significant contribution of 2.52% to Chile’s solar segment.

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