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Our mission is to meet the energy needs of businesses, local authorities and farmers in every project we undertake. Our business must go hand in hand with preserving the planet, combating inequality and contributing to a fairer society.
Our ambition today is to accelerate the energy transition by promoting the economic, social and community development of the regions in which we operate. At the same time, we want to develop a human-centered business model that fosters commitment, excellence and individual and collective fulfillment.
CVE is both an « entreprise à mission » and a certified B Corporation. The Group is thus demonstrating its commitment to generating a positive and significant environmental, human and social impact through all its activities.

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The 7 commitments of CVE

Commit to a new vision of energy: Renewable, produced and consumed locally

We are committed to providing lasting responses to the energy needs of communities and businesses by building and operating a fleet of clean energy production units over a long period of time, one which is sustainable and complements fossil fuels.

Choose quality as a driver of performance

Quality structures our organization, all of our processes, and our operational efficiency. It is what leads us to prioritize customer satisfaction out of a desire for continual improvement.

Engage in a corporate citizenship approach

Although we work each today to make our industrial plans a lasting success, we want them to also be meaningful, to represent a long-term commitment, to help others. Our civic engagement is not for show; it’s a mindset that we share with everyone involved in CVE.

toiture industrielle Lamotte CVE

Take part in an ongoing industrial and environmental process

Our industrial approach sets us apart. It’s part of our culture at CVE. We own our production facilities, and whenever possible, the land they sit on. We build to operate our facilities for 30-to-50-year periods.

parc photovoltaïque Canterrane CVE

Offer business models that are competitive for everyone

At CVE, we feel strongly that the role of renewables in the energy mix depends on their ability to be competitive and effective.

Share an adventure rooted in human responsibility and fulfillment

CVE recognizes talented people, draws on all of their skills, ideas, and initiatives, and encourages them to innovate. It’s about sharing a vision of the company that learns from both successes and mistakes.

Take the lead in trust and transparency

At CVE, our relations have grown in trust, transparency, and goodwill. Our collaborative approach to carrying out each project relies on the conviction that getting everyone on board remains the best metric for success.

They talk about our commitments

Based at the Cadarache site, Megasol is a demonstration and experimentation platform for technologies that can be applied to large solar plants. At this platform, we decided to grant one ground-based 2.3 MWp facility to Cap Vert Energie. That led to us deploying special research projects with them over the next five years. Cap Vert Energie has shown a desire to stand apart in the field of R&D in order to anticipate new models of the energy transition of tomorrow.
Alexandre Mignonac, Project Manager at the INES CEA
The Group has an industrial vision in how it approaches the renewables market; they want their projects to stand the test of time. The three partners are all specialists in their field, with skills that complement each other.
Hanna Amoyal, Business Representative, Bpifrance Financement
Delta Energy Systems has been working with Cap Vert Energie for several years, and we share the same desire to make the quality and performance of our solutions central to our concerns. This requirement enables Cap Vert Energie to commit to a lasting industrial approach and to anticipate changes in energy needs in order to contribute to the new models of tomorrow.
Andreas Hoischen, CEO, Delta Energy Systems
CVE [Cap Vert Energie] is an exacting partner when it comes to quality. We appreciate its professionalism and its ability to innovate, and are proud of being able to assist them in their presence in West Africa.
Bruno Paret, General administrator of Senemeca – President of the Senegal CCEF (Foreign Trade Council of France)
Cap Vert Energie is committed to helping its employees grow while the Group itself is developing. After joining CVE in 2014 as an administrative and sales assistant, I had the opportunity to move into a communications position, then as a business developer for ground-based solar projects. Cap Vert Energie empowered me to develop along my own aspirations, and to acquire new skills. This is a good company to work at, where everyone contributes to the positive environment.
Lucile Provansal, Business Developer
Cap Vert Energie was committed to the Contact Club by enabling its volunteer employees to devote the equivalent of a day-and-a-half of working time to assist young people from our association. It was all about helping them in their careers and orientation by supporting their motivation at school and taking part in simulated interviews. To us, it goes much further: We give our association’s young people the chance to be in touch with the world of business through Cap Vert Energie.
Laurence Grobet
RapaelClaustre - directeur Energies Positif
Energies POSIT’IF participe à l’atteinte des objectifs “Transition énergétique” de la Région Ile-de-France. C’est donc naturellement que nous avons conclu une convention de partenariat avec Cap Vert Energie afin de participer à son projet de méthanisation Equimeth implanté à Ecuelles. Cette unité, qui verra le jour en 2020, valorisera entre 25 000 et 30 000 tonnes de matières organiques.
Raphaël Claustre, CEO SEM Energies POSIT'IF

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