Direct renewable power sales

Ever since it was created, CVE has defended the vision of a renewable energy market based on decentralizing production, as close as possible to the places of consumption in a direct sales model. The Group’s goal is to provide sustainable responses to the energy and environmental needs of businesses and communities.

Through the continual improvement of renewable energy generation costs, worldwide growth in green energy has proceeded at a fast pace. More than one-third of electrical capacity installed will be renewable in origin in 2021.

Direct renewable power sales are a growth opportunity for the future, and fit with the increasing aspirations of businesses and communities.

CVE wants to play a major role in this growth of decentralized renewables by developing direct sales offers for industry and local government. We thereby offer green electricity at a rate that is stable and competitive over time.

Our green energy sales solutions

Our solutions are designed to best meet the needs of our clients. To do so, they are broken down into:

A market solution

This enables a BtoB consumer to purchase green energy with guaranteed origin.

A service delivery solution

In this context, we install plants directly on the BtoB consumer’s premises, thereby generating tax and grid savings on the power bill.

Benefits for businesses and communities

Choosing one of our renewable energy sales solutions enables our clients to secure their electrical supply over time, at a stabilized competitive price. They also improve their carbon footprint and become a player in the energy transition.

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