Accelerating energy transition for our clients

In every project, we seek to meet the energy, environmental and social needs while helping to limit the impact of human activities on climate.
Our approach and answers strive to accelerate the transition towards sustainable energy in each market division where we operate: corporations, agricultural practitioners, municipal administrations and energy suppliers. Due to the distinct nature of each client, we always begins by evaluating their individual requirements and endeavor to propose optimal solutions.

Furthermore, apart from fulfilling the specific demands of every client, our answers must also tackle the subsequent concerns:
– Renewable energy at an economical rate: noteworthy reductions in renewable energy expenses indicate that competitively priced eco-friendly solutions are now accessible to all.
– A consistent, enduring energy provision that empowers clients to manage their expenditures.
– Services intended to aid clients in the gradual adoption of eco-friendlier energy consumption. These offerings encompass green electricity and will eventually encompass low-carbon mobility.
– Client support that simplifies the customer experience: guidance during the planning phase, superior and punctual project execution, and continuous oversight of production and billing.

Solar, the most competitive renewable energy

At CVE, we develop, finance, build and operation decentralized renewables production units that we own ourselves or in partnership, in order to produce and market local energy for suppliers, companies and local authorities.

Energy is a central concern for our customers who want to limit their energy bills and improve their environmental impact. With our technical solutions, expertise and international footprint, we have developed a broad array of solutions and services that focus on direct sales and local production of green energy:

– renewable power generation through a range of technical solutions (photovoltaic facilities on the ground, on roofs and on shade structures)

– contracts that meet the expectations of our customers: self-consumption contracts, in which customers consume the power generated on their sites, power purchase agreements (PPAs) for businesses, local authorities and energy providers, energy guarantees for green supply contracts and Community Solar contracts in the US;

– as land access becomes more difficult, we have developed expertise in brownfield remediation, roof renovations and the construction of shade structures to produce solar power. On farmland, we aim to achieve synergies between agricultural production and energy production through agrivoltaics facilities.

Our location

CVE develops, finances, constructs and operates value-added solar production facilities, to operate them over time in France, Chile, the United States, South Africa and Spain.

Our multi-country presence in markets aligned with our strategic vision expands our expertise and opens up new prospects in the solar photovoltaic market.

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Learn more about photovoltaic energy

Renewable solar energy is clean electrical energy produced by solar panels, which convert part of the sun’s energy into electrical energy. It’s renewable, non-polluting during the operating phase, and silent.

Solar photovoltaic systems can be installed on all types of buildings – roofs for new industrial buildings or those undergoing conversion, agricultural sheds, greenhouses, parking lot shades, tertiary buildings – or on the ground on anthropized sites (polluted industrial sites, landfill sites, quarries, freeway wasteland, etc.).

CVE has recognized expertise in all these types of photovoltaic installations. The electricity generated can be consumed on site or fed into a distribution network.

Because it’s the simplest renewable energy to develop, build and operate, photovoltaic solar power was the first activity launched by CVE. Today, it has become one of the most competitive energies in the world, and in recent years has achieved grid parity (fossil fuels and renewable energies at the same production cost) in many countries, including Chile, California, the Emirates, Spain…

Learn more about how a photovoltaic plant works

Three elements are required for a photovoltaic system: solar panels, an energy inverter and a meter.

These make up a photovoltaic generator.

They collect the energy transmitted by the sun, transform it into electricity and distribute it to all customers connected to the grid.

Photovoltaic modules are also used to capture solar energy and transform it into electricity. These solar modules, with their bluish reflections, are in most cases made up of an assembly of mono- or poly-crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells.

– The inverter then transforms the resulting electricity into grid-compatible alternating current.
– The meter measures the amount of current injected into the grid.
– The energy thus obtained is non-polluting and silent in its production phase.

It’s also worth noting that leasing a site enables the owner to earn a return, whether in the form of rent, compensation or the financing of works. Whether you’re an industrialist, a business, a farmer or a local authority, our solar solutions are designed to help you take advantage of competitive renewable energy.

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