Participate in the energy transition

CVE offers individual investors or corporations the chance to become committed players in the energy transition by financing the Group’s plants, via a set of investment products.

CVE’s solutions

To that end, the CVE Group issues different types of Solutions (unlisted* shares or bonds) aimed at financing its photovoltaic, biogas, or hydropower projects, in France and internationally. The investment horizon of the products offered can range from a few months for financing and building plants, to several years in order to assist with the operation of our assets over time, as the Group also regularly opens up the capital of its parent company in order to finance its growth.

The asset solutions offered by the Group have been subjected to deep legal and tax analyses in order to meet the needs of investors and the Group, and better comply with regulations.

Furthermore, the products are offered by means of Financial Investment Advisors and validated by an Investment Service Provider.

CVE’s expertise

The Group has dedicated a team of five people as part of its CVE Green Finance subsidiary for investor relations management, as well as the back and middle office. This way, CVE Green Finance is the repository of the Group’s knowledge that has been acquired in financing. This team is at your disposal if you have any questions.

* Investing in unlisted securities entails risks of losing all or some of what you put in, as well as illiquidity risks. Ask your financial or tax advisor for more information.

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