Sell your renewable energy plant or project for a profit and bypass the risks

Heavy competition in the renewables sector has driven players to keep becoming more efficient. Additionally, historically low interest rates make it possible to substantially optimize the financial characteristics of renewable assets. Against this backdrop, the CVE Group has structured itself in such a way as to ensure that selling your renewable project will gain you a substantial profit. This way, you can now benefit from expected value over a period of decades, while bypassing all of the risks involved in development, construction, financing, and operating the asset.

CVE’s solutions

CVE can offer you an acquisition bid within 3 to 4 weeks, for any project that meets the following characteristics:

Solar PV Target

  • On the ground, on rooftops (industrial or agricultural), canopies, etc.
  • In the development, construction, or operational phase
  • 1 MW and above
  • Location: France, Chile, US, Africa

Hydro Target

  • Hydroelectric plants, run-of-river or drinking-water-driven
  • In the development, construction, or operational phase
  • 400kW and above
  • Location: France

Biogas Target

  • Local methanation with injection
  • In the development, construction, or operational phase
  • From 100 nm3
  • Location: France

CVE’s expertise

CVE has all the skills in-house to complete a transaction:

  • An experienced team devoted to acquisition
  • An integrated research office for each activity
  • A construction team with four dedicated project managers
  • An operational team tasked with rigorously monitoring the plants
  • A legal department that can draft all of the documents needed for the transaction.

Since early 2018, CVE has acquired 33 power plants for €60 million in enterprise value.

Key steps

Confidentiality agreement:

Signing a confidentiality agreement

Phase 1:

• Example offer based on an Information Memorandum submitted by the seller
• About 3 weeks after the Memorandum is submitted

Phase 2:

• Submission of a binding offer based on an audit (data room and site visit)
• About 4 weeks after the information is provided

Closing :

All conditions precedent are lifted and the contract of sale is signed


  • Selling more than 50% of shares
  • You have all the information about the asset
  • Development and construction in accordance with trade practices

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