CVE South Africa and Net Zero Africa are pleased to announce that they have signed a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with Da Gama Textiles.

A new solar PPA project for CVE South Africa

Accordingly, CVE South Africa and Net Zero Africa will develop, construct, and operate a solar PV array that will, when both phases have been completed, provide up to 4.26MW solar PV renewable energy to Da Gama Textiles, one of South Africa’s oldest and a leading textile manufacturer based in the Eastern Cape.

Established in 1946, Da Gama Textiles are known as the home of the internationally renowned Three Cats Original Shweshwe, but their offering goes far beyond traditional textiles, extending into premium home and décor fabrics, high-performance workwear, medical and technical and military textiles.

CVE South Africa co-developed this exciting project with Net Zero Africa, the renewable energy service provider for Da Gama Textiles. This will help to reduce Da Gama’s carbon footprint and to support the entire community.

Net Zero Africa provides a practical set of renewable energy solutions that are cost effective and reliable whilst assisting its clients address the existential global crisis associated with the impacts of climate change. While the company has particular expertise in superior ‘base-load’ biomass fired energy processes, it develops hybrid solutions (as in the case of the da Gama Textiles project) that include the biomass with solar and other renewable energy offerings.

A vision of the market based on decentralized power production and on a direct energy sales model

CVE South Africa is a subsidiary of CVE , a French independent renewable energy multi energy and multi country producer which has todate deployed close to 600 MW of solar PV, biogas and hydro arrays globally. CVE defends a vision of the market based on decentralized power production and on a direct energy sales model. The company’s goal is to meet the energy and environmental needs of businesses and communities by taking a service-provider approach.

This is a great project, very well aligned with our strategic vision and value proposition for our customers through our RespeeR solution, said Rene Laks, CVE South Africa Country GM.

The Eastern Cape has become a focus area for CVE as the company believes it is underserved. Accordingly, CVE made it their mission to offer the best solar PV solution possible to Net Zero Africa and Da Gama Textiles.