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Get the benefits of methanation for your farm. After the methanation process, two materials are produced: A liquid fraction rich in fertilizing elements and a solid fraction used for organic soil conditioners. The use of these two materials enables you to achieve significant savings on your fertilizer bill, while retaining the soil’s properties.

How does it work?

A methanation unit makes it possible to recycle the fermentible organic matter contained in waste, effluents, and byproducts produced by agricultural, industrial, or more generally speaking, human activities.

This process enables the injection of biomethane into gas systems, and also to produce a treated material, digestate, that has very attractive properties for plant growth and soil structure.

Cap Vert Energie’s solutions

CVE offers the conditioners and fertilizers it produces to the agricultural sector in the close vicinity of the methanation sites.

If you want to use these materials for your crops and pastures, CVE can arrange for their spreading in the fields.

If you want to set up an organic material recycling unit while producing a renewable energy source, CVE can assist you in the development of a methanation project.

Our expertise

A major player in the community methanation market, CVE has a multidisciplinary team of 15 experienced people for developing a project and managing the reuse of the soil conditioners and fertizilizers it produces:

  • An integrated research office.
  • A team of developers throughout France who ensure the upstream procurement and commercialization of biomethane and organic fertilizers produced by methanation sites.
  • Business experts
  • A department that oversees the operation of our power plants.

The steps of a biogas project

Applications and our prerequisites

  • As each methanation unit is adapted to its own land and organic inputs, the features of the fertilizers produced will vary by production site.
  • The treatment-free organic conditioners are subject to spreading plans.
  • Via a composting step, the organic conditioners produces are standardized.

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