Switching to green gas

Obtaining biomethane production in your community makes it possible to replace some of the natural gas in your system with green gas. You’ll be able to improve the competitiveness of your company, as biomethane is exempt from France’s Domestic Natural Gas Consumption Tax (TICGN) (Decree no. 2018-210 of 27 March 2018). Compared to natural gas, the use of biomethane makes it possible to reduce or even cancel out CO2 emissions. If your company is subject to CO2 quota policies, by choosing to procure biomethane, you’ll be able to limit your carbon footprint and secure your energy loads tied to Carbon policies. You’ll also be able to contribute to the development of new local practices like green mobility via compressed natural gas (CNG) stations in order to fuel trucks, buses, and cars as well as light vehicles.

CVE’s solutions

CVE takes over the development, financing, implementation, and operation over time of biomethane production units based on your needs:

Several solutions are possible:

  • Want to obtain biomethane production in your community? We can help you develop a community methanation unit that can produce biomethane that may be useful for local purposes.
  • If you have land available and are subject to CO2 quotas, we can develop a biomethane production unit for direct use, enabling you to cover some of your gas needs while reducing your CO2 emissions.
  • If you have an effluent treatment station and want to use your biogas or even produce some on-site, we can work with you to develop a biomethane production solution that will suit your needs
  • If you produce large quantities of waste and want to recycle them into biomethane, we can develop a treatment unit that enables constant production of biomethane.

Our expertise

As a major player in the biomethane production market, CVE has a multidisciplinary team of 15 experienced people, and all the skills for developing a biomethanation project:

  • An integrated research office
  • A team of developers throughout France who ensure the upstream procurement and commercialization of biomethane and organic fertilizers produced by methanation sites.
  • UA department that oversees the operation of our power plants.

In France, CVE developed a biomethane production capacity of 700 GWh/an by 2013, for an average production flow equivalent to 7500 m3/h.

The steps of a biogas project

Applications and our prerequisites

  • Minimal biomethane injection flow in the network: 150 m3/h
  • Minimum availability of organic materials: 20,000 t/year
  • Footprint of the production unit: 2 to 3 ha
  • Natural gas supplier purchases biomethane

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