Develop your methanation project

By installing a methanation unit, you’re helping to develop your region by providing a competitive economic edge while improving the environment. You’re doing a civic good that makes you a player in the energy transition while generating new economic activity in your community.

How does it work?

A methanation unit is a competitive treatment and recycling center for fermentable organic material like biowaste, industrial process rejection, or agricultural by-products.

This process enables the production of a renewable green gas, biomethane, which is injected into gas systems to power various uses.

It also makes it possible to produce competitive organic fertilizers and conditioners that are used for growing plants as a substitute and complement to mineral fertilizers.

Cap Vert Energie’s solutions

CVE specializes in the development, financing, implementation, and operation over time of community and industrial methanation units.

If you want to recycle your organic waste flows in a better way, or produce biomethane or organic fertilizers and conditioners, CVE can help you with your project.

Whatever the case, CVE is your sole point of contact, with a dedicated team that takes over all of the approaches and formalities related to the project:

  • Feasibility studies: Securing the technical and economic feasibility of the project and raising awareness to make the project acceptable to the community.
  • Design engineering: Consultation and launching design and contracting studies, validation of the project’s acceptability, and confirmation of its profitability.
  • Obtaining permits: Writing and filing applications to obtain permits for construction and operation.
  • Financing: Preparing bank applications and structuring the financing.
  • Construction: Supervising construction as a project owner.
  • Operation and maintenance: Overseeing the operation of our plants, managing contracts and relationships with those involved.

Our expertise

As a major player in the biomethane production market, CVE has a multidisciplinary team of 15 experienced people, and all the skills for developing a biomethanation project:

  • An integrated research office.
  • A team of developers throughout France who ensure the upstream procurement and commercialization of biomethane and organic fertilizers produced by methanation sites.
  • A department that oversees the operation of our power plants.

The steps of a biogas project

Applications and our prerequisites

  • Minimum injection flow of biomethane into the network: 150 m3/h
  • Minimum availability of organic materials: 20,000 t/year
  • Footprint of the methanation unit: 2 to 3 ha

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