New York – July 29, 2019 – CVE North America, an independent renewable energy producer based in New York, has just launched their Green Initiative: for every solar panel installed, the group will donate one dollar to protect the local environment. This initiative reflects CVE Group’s vision, and its long-term commitment to help and protect the planet and its people.

One solar panel installed, one dollar to protect the local environment

CVE North America has just launched its Green Initiative. For every solar panel installed, the group will donate one dollar towards one or several of the following causes: tree planting, land conservation, protection of local wildlife and biodiversity, and education to environmental protection.

For a medium sized 4 MW solar installation for instance, that represent over 10,000 panels, and $10,000 of donations.

The projects supported by CVE will respond to several criteria. They will have to be local to the solar installation, preferably close to the town or in the same country. The projects will have to be supported or implemented by nonprofit organizations with a 501©(3) status that have significant expertise in the cause supported, and have a significant positive impact on the issue at stake. To guarantee an unbiased selection of grant receivers the choice of the organization will rest on an independent advisory board which will select projects based on their own environmental impact merits.

With this initiative, we want to be true to our values and do our part; to give back to the communities we serve, by beautifying their towns and providing environmental benefits.” Thibaut Delespaul, Vice President North America

CVE North America is committed to promote a new vision of energy: Renewable, Produced and Consumed locally. This vision goes beyond providing power. The company’s ambition is to be ecologically meaningful, to represent a long-term commitment and to help protect the planet and its people.

A first donation campaign related to CVE North America’s Acushnet solar installation

CVE North America has recently acquired a 650kW solar power plant in Acushnet, MA. This project is the first solar installation owned and operated by CVE NA in the United States and serves as their first community solar project providing solar credits and energy savings to local communities.

CVE is currently looking for motivated individuals to join the Advisory Board for its first donation, related to its Acushnet solar installation.

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