New York – December 20th, 2019 – CVE North America, an independent renewable energy producer based in New York, has made its first donation as part of its Green initiative. Thanks to the help of local advisors, the Buzzards Bay Coalition was identified to receive a $11,500 donation that will go towards the expansion of a natural reserve in Acushnet.

A first ‘Green Initiative’ donation for CVE’s Acushnet solar installation

Earlier this summer, CVE North America had launched its Green Initiative, pledging to donate one dollar for each solar panel installed by the company to local environmental nonprofits. The goal was to take our environmental commitment further by engaging with communities living close to our solar farms and help preserve their environmental wealth.

For the Acushnet installation – a 650kW solar farm, the company’s first project operating in the US – CVE reached out to local stakeholders active in the environmental sector and knowledgeable of local issues. This advisory board is composed of an environmental policy professor and chairman at UMass Dartmouth, a Conservation agent at the Acushnet Conservation Commission, and a UMass Dartmouth student and coordinator at the Sunrise Movement. Thanks to their expertise, those advisors helped CVE identify the best organization to support to make a difference in the Acushnet area.

The Buzzards Bay Coalition: a local reputable environmental organization

After a unanimous vote, the advisory board selected the Buzzards Bay Coalition to receive CVE’s first ‘Green Initiative’ donation. The Buzzards Bay Coalition (‘The Coalition’) is a 501(c)(3) membership-supported nonprofit organization dedicated to the restoration, protection, and sustainable use and enjoyment of the Buzzard Bay and its watershed. The Coalition works mainly in Southeast Massachusetts, in land and at sea, in an area that includes the towns of Westport, Dartmouth, Fairhaven and Acushnet among others. The organization’s goal is to improve the health of the Bay ecosystem through education, conservation, research, and advocacy.

Having several conservation projects ongoing in the town of Acushnet, the Coalition has a deep knowledge of the environmental needs of the region and was able to propose a relevant and impactful project to receive funding.

The Acushnet Sawmill: A protected Nature reserve for locals’ enjoyment

One of the Buzzards Bay Coalition flagship project is the Acushnet Sawmill. This 19-acre former industrial lumber yard was restored and depolluted by the Coalition in 2014 to turn it into a natural reserve and bring back the natural ecosystem that once thrive there. Located near the Acushnet River, the Sawmill has become a popular park for local residents of all ages to explore the outdoor, learn about biodiversity, and enjoy a haven for wildlife in this urbanized area.

“We are very happy to support the Buzzards Bay Coalition in their work to protect clean water and preserve important habitats in the town of Acushnet. Working hand in hand with local organization in the towns we serve is crucial to bring additional benefits to communities.” Thibaut Delespaul, Vice President North America.


The $11,500 donation will be the last fund needed to complete the $425,000 expansion of the park into the neighboring town of New Bedford. The project will provide safer access, more parking space to host the average of 500 visitors per week, notably local school groups looking to learn about biodiversity, and preserves 1.5 acres of forested land. The expansion will also include a new community garden developed in partnership with the Marion Institute’s GROW Education project, which uses gardening to advance STEM curriculum

The project, that incorporates biodiversity preservation in land and water as well as education to the environment, is well in line with CVE’s vision to help local communities protect their environment.

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