An independent producer of renewable energy, Cap Vert Energie is continuing its development strategy by acquiring 35 units totaling 18 MWp. This raises the power of its photovoltaic fleet in France by 20%.

 Marseille, March 28, 2018 – The Cap Vert Energie Group has just acquired 18 MWp of ground-based and rooftop solar power units for a total of €60 million in enterprise value. This purchase meets the ambitious investment goals set by Cap Vert Energie. “By 2022, we plan to multiply our renewables generating capacity tenfold, to 10GWp in operation and under construction”, says Pierre de Froidefond, one of the three founding partners of Cap Vert Energie with Christophe Caille and Hervé Lucas.

The Group is strengthening its position as a producer of decentralized renewables, meaning that this energy is produced close to the site of consumption. Cap Vert Energie is thereby bolstering its portfolio with the short- and medium-term aim of meeting the energy and environmental needs of businesses and communities through a direct energy sales model. The Group’s growth strategy relies on developing its own renewable energy production unit projects while also providing its expertise in carrying out major transactions by forming financial partnerships. “Our ability to raise funds on short notice and to jointly conduct technical, legal, and administrative audits in-house enables us to offer competitive takeover bids,” explains Pierre de Froidefond

Carried out in a series of three transactions, these acquisitions include 33 rooftop installations ranging from 100 to 700 kWp located primarily in the Sud, Occitanie, and Nouvelle-Aquitaine regions of France, and an 8 MWp ground-based plant and 4 MWp ground-based plant under development, both located in Drôme.

These transactions, completed in some cases through competitive bidding processes, or via over-the-counter trades, required complex, optimized arrangements. They were finalized without enlisting outside consultants, showing how Cap Vert Energie is capable of pursuing its development strategy in an increasingly competitive and demanding environment.

 About Cap Vert Energie: As an independent producer of renewable energy, Cap Vert Energie develops, finances, and builds solar power plants and biomethane units to operate them on its own for their entire lifespan. The Group’s goal is to provide sustainable responses to the energy and environmental needs of businesses and communities, in a direct energy sales model. Cap Vert Energie is certified ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 for all of its activities. Based in Marseille, with regional offices in Toulouse, Rennes, and Fontainebleau, Cap Vert Energie has an international presence in Africa and through its subsidiaries in Chile and North America. The fleet in operation and under construction totaled 111 MW of cumulative power, for projected energy sales of €30.6 million. The company employs 85 employees.