Add value to your available land by installing a ground-based photovoltaic plant

Developing a ground-based solar project makes it possible to contribute to greenhouse gas reduction targets and to the general energy transition effort that has begun in France and around the world. You’ll be producing green energy close to your needs and those of local communities. We prioritize seeking out sites where human activity used to thrive (former quarries, former waste burial sites, polluted land, redeveloped brownfields, etc.) for installing our ground-based plants. Nonetheless, sites in natural areas or those ready for development may under some conditions also be included in our searches.

Toiture photovolatïque Canterrane CVE

By developing a ground-based photovoltaic plant, you’ll be adding value to unused land and help the fight against climate change, while generating economic benefits for you and for local communities. You’ll also become part of the creation of real industrial system in France, and help fulfill local electricity needs over the long term.

Manmade environments - converted brownfields

Example manmade environments:

    • Brownfields
    • Official cleanup sites
    • Former waste disposal site (ISDI, ISDND, ISDD)
    • Former quarry
  • Space alongside highways, airports, airfields, or any other linear infrastructure
  • Seveso hazard zone (or high risk of a PPRT)
  • ICPE land subject to permitting

How does it work?

Solar panels are installed on structures anchored or weighted onto the ground, which are connected to one another and from there to inverters and a meter to create a photovoltaic generator.

CVE’s solutions

CVE develops, finances, constructs, and operates ground-based solar plants on land that does not come into conflict with agricultural use. Because ground-based power development must be linked to land development, Cap Vert Energie has set up a photovoltaic solution for communities and encourages participatory financing.

CVE does the work of fully designing the ground-based solar power plant project and oversees the permitting process. We can also finance all or some of the ground-based photovoltaic project based on local desires to be involved in the project (governments, mixed-economy companies, crowdfunding, etc.).

In return, you’ll sign a lease commitment to provide your land for the duration of the development, which binds both parties to sign a permanent lease for a minimum term of 25 years (with the possibility of an extension). During that lease period, you’ll get income without needing to take any financial risks during the development phase.

With respect to energy sales, the project will be submitted by Cap Vert Energie to the energy regulation commission’s RFPs in order to obtain a contract to purchase that electricity for a period of 20 years.

We can also sell all or some of the photovoltaic power produced in this way at your site through our direct sales solutions.

CVE is your sole point of contact, with a dedicated team that takes over all of the approaches and formalities related to the project:

  • Initial feasibility studies
  • Design engineering throughout every phase of development
  • obtaining administrative and regulatory permits
  • connecting the plant to the Enedis grid or ELD (Local Distribution Company)
  • securing the purchase price of electricity through national calls for tenders or through direct sales
  • legal arrangements that secure each step of the project
  • long-term financing
  • choosing suppliers and construction
  • operation and maintenance

CVE’s expertise

CVE has all the skills it needs in-house to develop a solar project:

  • a development team with deep experience in carrying out projects of this type
  • an integrated research office that allows for great responsiveness in all stages of the project
  • A procurement department that sources components and evaluates supplier quality (visiting production plants)
  • an experienced construction team
  • an operational team with all the remote surveillance means for optimizing the fleet’s production

CVE has historically developed in the photovoltaic market, with dedicated teams in different markets: Solar rooftops, parking lot canopies, agricultural greenhouses, and ground-plant fleets.

Steps of a ground-based solar power plant project

A dedicated team

CVE is your sole point of contact, with a dedicated team that takes over all of the approaches and formalities related to the project: feasibility study, securing the land, design, administrative steps, securing the purchase price of electricity, construction, operation and maintenance.

Our prerequisites:

  • Be the landowner
  • Surface area of land
  • Transformer nearby

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