CVE North America is preparing to launch its community solar offer in the states of New York and Massachusetts.

Community solar allows people who cannot or do not want to install solar panels on their roof to have access to solar energy through a system of solar credits applied to their electricity bill. Renters, people living in apartments, or in houses unsuitable for solar can enjoy the benefits of solar while saving money. Committed to deliver locally produced clean energy and making solar accessible to the all communities, CVE North America is excited to soon enter this ambitious segment of market, the fastest growing within the solar industry.

As CCSA says, the midterm election had mixed results for the future of renewable energy in the United States.  Nevertheless, it is expected that community solar will continue to grow in the next year notably in Massachusetts and New York where CVE North America is currently developing projects. Click here to read the article from CCSA: “CCSA says midterm results show community solar will keep growing in 2019”