Why process and recycle your waste?

Opting for solution to treat and recycle your waste by installing a methanation unit on your land enables you to take a competitive approach.

It’s a virtuous solution because it’s ultra-local, allowing for two value streams: Producing biomethane and returning organic material to the soil. Finally, this approach enables you to adopt a sustainable solution: A methanation site is installed for at least 15 years and can last up to 30 or 40 years.

CVE’s solutions

A flexible industrial solution that makes it possible to treat and recycle a wide range of wastes, effluents, and byproducts.

A solution formed of a network of several methanation units in a single community that makes it possible to offer significant service guarantees:

  • Ability to redistribute the flows to be treated across multiple outlets if there are technical problems and thereby ensure the continuity of the pickup service
  • Treatment close to the waste production sites, making it possible to increase the competitiveness of the processing solutions and offer large carbon reductions
  • Logistics handled by local companies, ensuring high responsiveness and providing immediate solutions based on the producer’s needs
  • A flawless organization that enables the waste producer to track its waste flows

Our expertise

Cap Vert Energie offers a service solution to handle the pickup, treatment, and recycling of your waste, effluents, and byproducts via the methanation process.

Cap Vert Energie’s organization makes it possible to ensure treatment service over time by offering:

  • Management of your organic waste across multiple production plants as part of a master agreement
  • Regional or national management of the waste flows through the support of a team of 8 sales managers
  • The securing of treatment across multiple production sites

The steps of a biogas project

Applications and our prerequisites

With our experience in operating methanation units, Cap Vert Energie has been contributing for years to the recycling of organic materials. This is true at the Nouzilly site in Indre and Loire, where each year, 10,000 tines of food processing waste, farming byproducts, and water treatment sludge are recycled into biogas and organic fertilizers.

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